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NEW! ChasingSteel.com is Now Interactive

In order to solicit feedback and provide a more interactive and social experience, I have added Google Friend Connect to ChasingSteel.com.  This means that you can now join the web site by becoming a member and leave comments, rate the content, and interact with other members of ChasingSteel.com.

Here is your chance to contribute and shape the future content of ChasingSteel.com.

To sign-up, simply click on the “Join this site” button in the “Members” section of the column on the right of this page.  This will present the following pop-up dialog box which will allow you to choose an account that you currently are using for either Google, Twitter, Yahoo!, AIM, NetLog, or OpenID:


Once you have successfully authenicated to one of the systems listed above, I will ask you to answer several simple questions regarding your interest as shown:


Once you completed the survey, simply click the “Done” button - and, oddly enough, you are done!

You can now leave comments and rate the blog posts as you see fit.  Just simply click the “Sign in” button instead.

Thank you for your participation.