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Some of My Recent iPhone Art

I was creating a few new icons for use on our Facebook page and as our Twitter avatar while I was commuting yesterday and thought I would share a couple with you.  Please let me know what you think of them.


Terminal Slide #8076

ChasingSteel Locomotive 














Here is a shot that I like from downtown LA. The tallest building is the U.S. Bank building, formerly known as the Library Towers building:

Downtown LA


Northwest Railfans Do Well in Southern California

I enjoy viewing the railfan and rail photographers’ sites that abound on the internet.  I enjoy seeing other parts of the country that I rarely, if at all, get to visit and to “see” the style that each photographer has.  It is also a tremendous source of inspiration and education for me which is one of the reasons why I created ChasingSteel.com myself in hopes of doing the same for others.

One site I have followed regularly, is Dogcaught.com and it has recently undergone a face-lift and it looks great. The site’s creator and designer is Aaron Hockley while Steve Eshom and Adron Hall complete the list of contributors.  These bloggers and photographers are based in the northwest and are talented photographers.  

In particular, Steve Eshom recently  posted 2 blog entries about a recent trip the guys took along BNSF’s Needles Subdivision, one of my favorite haunts.  Their trip was cursed, or blessed, with stormy weather at various times which presented some challenging photo requirements.  As you can see from his posts, the result is spectacular.  The guys made the best of it and captured some real gems.

The site is definitely worth a bookmark and Steve’s recap of their Needles trip is relevant to many of us Socal fans and photographers.  Stop by and give them a shout.

dogcaught: a railroad blog


Warren Buffett Views Railroads as the Future and I Agree

Warren BuffettFunny, Warren Buffett thinks a lot like me. ;-)

Here is a good article, entitled “Warren Buffett sees strong rail system as key to U.S. growth,” from USA Today that delves a little deeper into Buffet and Berkshire Hathaway’s bet on the BNSF Railway.