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Apple? Who would have thought?

I have been working in the IT industry for over twenty years.  During that time, I primarily deployed and supported solutions that ran on Novell NetWare and Microsoft Windows-based operating systems.  As such, I always viewed Apple and their line of computers as the “other guys” or as “the enemy,” if you will.

Well, that has all changed.

I recently wanted to buy my wife a GOOD computer to use to surf the web, do emails, and work with the family photos.  She had been using the family hand-me-downs and she deserved better.  So I began evaluating options.

I had always heard that Macs were a good computer for non-techies and was more than capable on the graphics front, so I looked at what was available.  I saw the iMac at the Apple store and asked the salesperson for a demo.

I was amazed at the capabilities of the computer, the gorgeous graphics, and the ease of use!  Consequently, I bought my wife a 24” iMac on the spot.  Ever since, we haven’t looked back.  Having so many years under my belt in IT, I am qualified to say the Mac platform, and all Apple products for that matter, are the way to go.

There is a clear advantage to using Apple products.  Apple has been able to, through awesome user interface and user experience nuances, to unleash the creative capabilities of the average “Joe.”

We now have 3 iPhones (the greatest device EVER), an iMac, an Apple TV, and countless iPods in our home.  Our lives are truly more enriched thanks to Steve Jobs and Apple.

I continue to work almost exclusively with Microsoft-based solutions, but, that is, after all, work.  I design, express, and play on a Mac!