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Video of Union Pacific No. 844 on Display in Houston

Union Pacific’s 4-8-4 steam locomotive, No. 844, continued her excursion with the Valley Eagle Heritage Tour train today after spending yesterday on display in Houston, Texas.
The public was given an opportunity to get up close and personal with the legendary locomotive as she rested at the Amtrak Station in downtown Houston.  As the following video proves, complements of ABC13 Houston, fun was had by young and old alike!


Two Must See Videos of the Valley Eagle Heritage Tour and UP No. 844

You have to see these videos!  Here are two very good videos posted to YouTube by a friend and fan of ChasingSteel.com, Zach Pumphrey (a.k.a. UPTRAIN).  The videos offer rare views of the UP No. 844 as she moves through Kansas and Missouri because it includes cab ride footage and exclusive right-of-way shots that the public rarely gets a chance to see. Thanks to Zach for producing this footage and making it available for all of us to enjoy!  More of his videos can be found on his YouTube channel.


More Cool Videos of UP's Valley Eagle Heritage Tour Train

Here are a couple of good videos of UP No. 844 pulling the Union Pacific’s Valley Eagle Heritage Tour train captured by a railfan as she went through Kansas.  This first one is another pacing video where the car and cameraman are driving alongside the train and filming the locomotive.  This one has some good tight shots of No. 844’s driving wheels in action and was filmed on a dirt road even:

This video is a stationary shot of the train going by a grade crossing near Hayden, Kansas.  In it you can get a complete view of the entire train as she rolls by:


You can see more videos of the UP’s No. 844 and the Valley Eagle Heritage train or subscribe to thelope.com on their YouTube channel.  I thank them for making the videos available.