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Although I have never met fellow railroad photographer and blogger, Travis Dewitz, I feel like I know him because we share the same passion - railroad photography.  I have read his blog and reviewed his work for some time now and I have come away feeling inspired and astounded with his ability to capture the beauty and drama of railroads.

What I like in particular about Travis’ work is his eye - his ability to frame a photo. It has given me cause to question my framing of the scene with each shot now. Through his photos I have learned that the train does not necessarily need to be the most prominent element in the shot.

I have linked a few of Travis’ shots to wet your appetite.  I highly recommend that check out his blog at http://extremerailroadphotography.blogspot.com/ and take a look at his amazing photographs.

Great job Travis!  Keep it up! 

Dewitz Photography - Travis Dewitz.

Dewitz Photography - Travis Dewitz.

Dewitz Photography - Travis Dewitz.