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Puppy Update #2 (6 Months Old)

It has been six months since Beanie surprised us all by having two puppies which we named Chase and Steel. You can read about our experience with the birth and see photos of the puppies when they were just a few days old from this post: New Additions to the Chasing Steel Family!  

Here are Chase and Steel today:

Chase n’ Steel at Six Months - Chase (left) and Steel chilling out in the yard.

Chase at Six Months

Steel at Six Months


Puppy Update # 1 (3 Weeks Old)

Here is a shot comparing the puppies from when they were 2 days old to when they became 3 three weeks old:

          Chase (bottom each photo) ‘n Steel - My they have GROWN!


New Additions to the Chasing Steel Family!

Many of you might recall seeing a couple of photos ofLappy, left, and Beanie our two dogs in the portfolio section of ChasingSteel.com.  The larger white dog is named “Lappy” and the brown Yorkie is “Beanie.”

Well during the holiday season Beanie went into season and was visited by a neighborhood dog that we have never seen before.  Heck, we didn’t even know what kind of dog it was.  I described the visitor to a very dog-knowledgeable friend and he declared it was a Welsh Corgi.  He was right.

Before we knew of his presence, he got through the railings in the gate, and “met up” with Beanie.  We were concerned about this for health reasons but not that she might become pregnant because we acquired her from a Yorkie breeder who thought she wasn’t fertile.

Welsh Corgi

Well, I think you all know where this is headed, some 61 days later I got a call from my wife while I was at work stating that “Beanie just had two puppies!”  No kidding?  We thought she was acting strange but she wasn’t showing and the breeder said she couldn’t become pregnant.  WRONG!

So on February 3, 2010, two new members joined our family.  They are so small and adorable!  We appropriately named them “Chase” n’ “Steel.”  Here they are only two days old:

Chase (bottom) n’ Steel


Beanie is 75% Yorkie and 25% Maltese and the “visitor” is, probably, a purebred Corgi, so what the puppies will eventually look like is anyone’s guess.  All I know is that they are a very welcome suprise and, when the time is right, will be living up to their namesakes right beside me!