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A Black Eye for the Union Pacific?

I have heard or read two different versions of the story.  One story from the Dallas area, indicated that the man was pursued and arrested in a drainage tunnel while the other story said that the man was initially arrested and handcuffed by an officer but then escaped into the tunnel.  The actual circumstances aren’t relevant when you consider how the suspect was berated and threatened by the officer. 

This incident is giving credence to some reports of abuse and unprofessionalism that are circurlating among people on the internet.  Keep in mind that the officer knew he was being filmed by a news crew! Most incidents of misconduct occur when there are no witnesses.

I recently wrote a blog entry, THE NEW RULES OF RAILFANNING: DON’T TRESPASS, BE ALERT, REPORT ISSUES, outlining some of the challenges that are faced by the special agents and the public.

Here is the video of the incident from the 33 News, The CW, Dallas/Fort Worth.  You can decide for yourself if this was out-of-line or not…