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Poster Art: Travelers

As I exited the tunnel from Track 3 at Los Angeles Union Station and joined the tide of humanity, the hundreds of recently freed commuters that were rushing to find their exits, I felt the pressure and the urgency that seems to be part of the daily commuting process. Making my way through the main waiting area of the terminal I passed several lines of people that seemed to consist of business travelers, family vacationers, and many others seeking to be elsewhere. They were checking in for one of the Amtrak trains soon departing Los Angeles for points beyond. It seemed a hectic and hurried sense permeated the air for us all.

Just prior to breaking free and reaching the main entrance of the station on Alameda Street, I passed a rather out-of-place scene that reminded me of a Norman Rockwell painting. I initially passed it by but I eventually gave in to my urge and snapped the following photo in HDR of a group of seasoned travelers just relaxing, reading, and in no apparent hurry at all - totally contrary to the sense of hustle of the rest of the station.   

Travelers - Seasoned travelers read and relax while waiting for their train’s departure time to draw near at Los Angeles’ Union Station.
[11/4/2010 - River Subdivision] © Copyright 2010, Joe Perry


Poster Art: Passenger Service

I have been sick for two weeks now and I haven’t been able to go out and shoot photos lately. As I lounge on the sofa or bed, trying my best to recover, I have been playing around with some of my older photos. One technique I have been toying with is making poster art.

I like these posters and thought that others might like to see them as well. Let me know what you think. Today’s theme is “Passenger Service.” (NOTE: The first 4 photos were shot on an iPhone 3GS!)

The morning sun plays a colorful game behind some clouds as the westbound Metrolink train #311 arrives as Upland, California.
© 2010 Joe Perry.
 An Amtrak conductor waits for his train to arrive from the service yard.
© 2010 Joe Perry.

An Amtrak train departs Los Angeles Union Station with AMTK 510 (GE P32BWH [DASH 8-32BWH].
© 2010 Joe Perry.

The Metrolink (SCAX) 860 (EMD F59PH) holds the point of a terminated Metrolink commuter train waiting at Los Angeles Union Station to return to the yard.
© 2010 Joe Perry.

Amtrak 85 (GE P42DC) is seen at Los Angeles Union Station after the end of a long distance run.
© 2010 Joe Perry.