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iPadded. Did you?

On Friday, a mere two hours after Apple began accepting pre-orders for their newest device, the iPad, I placed my order for two of them.  (I also bought one for Deb since she deserves the best.)

I opted for the 64GB Wi-Fi version, without 3G.  Since I am already an iPhone owner and devotee I didn’t feel the need for yet another data plan.  At some point I plan on getting a MiFi™ device and the capabilities of that connection should be easily leveraged by the iPad, no matter where I am, provided, of course, that I have a 3G connection.

The device is scheduled to be delivered on April 3, 2010.  I opted to have the iPad shipped to my house rather than try to deal with the craziness certain to be prevalent at my local Apple store.  It should be a fun day because I am very impressed the devices that Apple the designers and engineers produce.  They tend to be extremely well-engineered and the software and operating system are always intuitive and very integrated.  I am looking forward to having all of my existing iPhone apps work seamlessly on the iPad out of the box.  I am also looking forward to browsing the internet with such a large screen!

So, iPadded, did you? ;-)