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Changing the Paint Scheme

I recently began to make better use of my commute time by bringing along my Apple MacBook Pro. I now have a few hours each day when I can focus on post processing my photos and enhancing my graphics abilities. As an example of this effort, I decided to create a new landing page for ChasingSteel.com as a means to learn some new packages that I have purchased. Consequently, yesterday I updated the main page of the site, which has traditionally been a place to showcase one of my specific photographs, with new graphics as seen below on an iPad:

New Landing Page for ChasingSteel.com

The design is inspired by the older Centralized Traffic Control machines which the railroads have used since the 1930s to enhance rail capacity while providing increased safety. Today, the funtions providing by these machines are now primarily performed by computer-based systems. You can learn more about these machines from this site, Control Train Components.

My intent is change the design and look as I create new content. I have learned that I enjoy creating new “art” as much as I enjoy doing photography so now the landing page will showcase my photos and my art!