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Video of UP Monster Train (IDILBF-08) at Ontario, CA (Longest Union Pacific Train Ever)

Continued from previous post…

I began to have that moment where you reflect on the day’s events.  What if I had left earlier in the morning to get a better head start?  Perhaps I could have met the train further to the east.  Was there a better spot?  How did my photos turn out?

We decided to eat lunch trackside so Deb made sandwiches and I checked out the photos and videos from the various cameras we used throught the adventure.  Obviously some photos were crappy and some were OK.  A few were even good, but lunch was awesome.

I thought we were heading home from a challenging yet rewarding time chasing the monster train across the western edge of the Yuma Subdivision so I eased the pace as we got back on the Interstate 10 and headed west.  I even shut down my various train tracking devices and the GPS.  We drove home.

I expected to see the train stopped at the West Colton facility waiting for a crew change.  As we passed the Pepper Avenue overpass I could see all of the railfans hanging out.  “The train must not have made it to West Colton yet!”  I thought to myself.  Perhaps there is a chance to get one more photo opportunity!

We had to get home to drop off some guests that we had taken on the trip with us.  I took that opportunity to refresh the camera batteries and myself a bit.  I decided that we could run up to the Mountain Avenue overpass and shoot the train from that vantage point.  I just didn’t know for sure which subdivision it would be traveling on as it headed for Long Beach.  I suspected that it must be the Alhambra Subdivision.  The chase was back on.

I convinced my wife to saddle up one last time and we got into position at the Mountain Avenue overpass once I had confirmed that the train was in fact on the move now after the crew change in West Colton.

Here is my photo of the train as it blew by the overpass:

The IDILBF-08, UP Longest Train Ever Run, passes through Ontario, CA at the Mountain Avenue overpass.

Fortunately Deb agreed to go with me and she shot the following video:

Now the trip was over and I deemed it successful.  Not so much because I got the shots I had hoped for but rather for the experience and the good shots I did get!

Thanks Union Pacific!