A Passing Opportunity - HDR of Los Angeles Union Station

Here are a few HDR shots of Los Angeles Union Station taken as I quickly headed to work:

Los Angeles Union Station
© 2010 Joe Perry,

Los Angeles Union Station
© 2010 Joe Perry,

During one of my morning jaunts to work in downtown Los Angeles I found myself presented with an opportunity I couldn’t pass up. The old ticketing area of Union Station, or the Los Angeles Union Passenger Terminal (LAUPT), is often closed from view and hidden in a veil of secrecy. Apparently Hollywood uses the area often for film and television shows and is funny about public access to the area - for some insane reason, I am sure.

On this particular morning I walked through the station to reach my shuttle to work and saw the area was viewable and bathed in the morning light. I hesitated briefly and took in the scene. “I want a photo,” I thought.

I approached a nearby guard and asked for permission to shoot some photos of the room and he asked, “Video or still?” I replied, “Still.” He paused, looked around and then gave me a nod to proceed. I pulled out my camera and quickly fired off a few bracketed exposures as seen below:


The original ticket counter at Los Angeles Union Passenger Terminal.
© 2010 Joe Perry,

The original ticket counter concourse at Los Angeles Union Passenger Terminal.
© 2010 Joe Perry,

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