Mar282010 is Now Optimized For the iPhone and the Web

Being a huge fan of the iPhone, and all Apple products for that matter, I spent Saturday learning how to make more iPhone friendly. 

I had to learn the details of my web site provider’s elements so that I could craft a CSS file that would take the standard web content and make it more appealing and usable in Safari on the iPhone without altering any of the content’s format on my main site.  A full day of effort later, I am proud to announce that looks better on the iPhone!

I do plan on tweaking the format as time passes and I feel the need to do so.  However, I am happy with the first release.  It turned out that about a 10-line CSS file was all that was required. Man, technology is cool, once you understand what you need to do and why. Google played a big part in the effort, obviously.

I have tested the final product and it seems to function fine, however, you may encounter something that is a problem or doesn’t display right.  If so, please let me know so that I can correct it.

I hope you find the new design useful and it makes visiting on the iPhone a better experience!



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