Trains at Los Angeles Union Station in HDR: Part 1

To help alleviate our financial woe I have begun taking on some web and design consulting work leaving me with less time than I would like to create postings for, let alone going out the far reaches of California to take photographs. Hopefully the new year will bring better opportunities!

Over the course of the past week I filled the small holes of opportunity during my daily commutes with post-processing some photos from Los Angeles Union Station and trying my hand at some different creative approaches as well. The following photos are representative of this effort and, if you have the time and are so inclined, I would appreciate you providing a comment and letting me know what you think of them and offering any criticism:

Cab Car Cascade - A cascading line of Metrolink cab cars bask in the morning sun after the morning rush hour.
[10/6/2010 - River Subdivision] © Copyright 2010, Joe Perry
Gold Line Passengers - Metrolink locomotive SCAX 881 (EMD F59PHI) frames passengers waiting to board Metro’s Gold Line at Los Angeles Union Station.[11/23/2010 - River Subdivision] © Copyright 2010, Joe Perry

SCAX 872 - Metrolink locomotive SCAX 872 (EMD F59PH) was posed on one of the escape tracks at Los Angeles Union Station without an attached train set - a perfect time to get a builder’s photo.
[11/23/2010 - River Subdivision] © Copyright 2010, Joe Perry
Pacific Surfliner Arrival - An Amtrak California Pacific Surfliner train arrives at Los Angeles Union Station.
[11/23/2010 - River Subdivision] © Copyright 2010, Joe Perry

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Reader Comments (2)

Joe, great photos as usual.

I particularly like "SCAX 872". I love crisp and clean areas of an image heavily punctuated at the main point (or points) of focus by detail; lots and lots of detail. The longer I look at this one the more pleasing it becomes. Great perspective. The reflective orange line along the side of the engine is perfect. That line draws the eye back from the focal point at the front of the image to the rear of the image, collecting heaps of visual detail along the way. It unites and "makes" the entire image. I love what the power of one little line can do!

I like "Pacific Surfliner Arrival" as well. I love pen and ink, as well as pencil drawings; wood cuts too. This photo reminds me of those. Again, for me it's about the intricacies and the quality of the line in those mediums. You could probably push this one a bit by increasing the contrast and making some of those details pop even more. I've seen this at times in some of your other pieces. Maybe that's just me, and my own visual preference though.

I always enjoy your work, Joe! You have a well-trained eye!

December 3, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterBeau w

Love all your pictures of Los Angeles Union Station. I would have liked to have seen some of the recognizable landmarks in the foreground to identify the city. Other than that, just loved them.

April 27, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterTerry

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