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I have received a lot of emails and comments about the website and first off, let me thank everyone who submitted a comment or email.  I have read each and every one and I am still in the process of replying to them all.  It is a big part of this process because one of the reasons I set up was to give back and share my passion with you all and yours with me.  Through your comments and feedback I find the inspiration to work a little longer and shoot a little bit better.  I learn the mistakes that I make and, hopefully, learn from them.  I enjoy the stories you all have shared involving railroads or trains in your lives.  I have a new appreciation for just how many folks, the world over, like trains.  To date, has been visited by railfans and photo hounds from 56 different countries around the world!  Thank you all.

As part of the feedback, we received some input regarding features people would like to see implemented.  The following list is what I have been asked for or about and a status or response for each request:

  • Steam Photos - Sorry I don’t currently have many steam shots in my catalogue.  I do have some of the Durango & Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad but doesn’t everyone?  I’ll dig them out someday and see how they look.
  • Other Photographer’s Work - This concept is something I have always planned to do.  Maybe it is a version 2.0 upgrade to  I have to evaluate the bandwidth and storage requirements of such an endeavor in detail and see if I can swing it.  I am talking to a few folks about their collections today.
  • Prints for Sale - This is also something that we plan to do, probably sooner rather than later.  In fact we are currently evaluating printing houses and services.  Look for this soon.  (What does soon mean to you?  For me I’ll say around March…)
  • My Equipment Details - I have been asked to provide a list of what I gear I use.  I’ll be happy to put together some data on this.  I use more than just cameras and lenses in pursuit of my passion.  I can detail the tracking gear, GPS devices, vehicles, cameras, tripods, software, and fun techno-gear that I consider essential for me.  I’ll work on this.
  • Recommended Sites and Links - Some folks are looking to find the “gems” out there in the vastness of cyberspace.  I can share the sites that I follow and rely on to feed me the info and inspiration I crave.
  • Railfan Guides - I kind of worked on something recently similar to this.  (Look for a post on Cajon Pass soon.)  As for a full-blown guide, I’ll have to chew on that one.
  • Railroad News - This one I need too!  I want a convenient way to gloss over the railroad-relevant headlines.  So guess what?  I worked on this one last night!  It is now online and is listed above in the menu bar as, appropriately enough, “railnews.”   See below:

You can change the keyword for the articles that interest you by clicking on the key from the list:

Let me know what you think of the “railnews” tab and it’s functionality, as always!

Look for changes to come as I able to make them happen.  Thank you all again for the requests and feedback!

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